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Information which CBE will use for Billing. Please check the box on the bottom of this page if this information should also be used for the Exhibit catalogs and online database. (Information marked as "Hide" would not be displayed on the print catalog and online database.)

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Note: If you have more than 5 titles, call us at 1-800-462-7687 for bulk pricing.

CBE Addon

Add a one-hour autographing slot to your order! Each autographing slot includes one hour for signing, entrance badge to the fair, shipping and storage of the books to the show site (you send them to our New York office), announcement of the autographing in our pre-show mailing to local librarians, and onsite graphics at the fair announcing the signing. The best way to meet your audience face to face!

Expand on your presence in CBE's exhibit catalog with a full page! This 8.5 by 11 inch ad is yours to create in black and white or full color, and can include anything you see fit!

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