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2014 Bologna Children's Book Fair

Here, you can browse or search all of the Combined Book Exhibit participants in 2014 Bologna Children's Book Fair. To view the complete details for the book and its publisher or author, simple click "Details." If you'd like to contact any of the publishers or authors directly, simple click the blue "Inquiry" button on the right hand side of the entry.

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1.___Always Time For Kindness
Category: Education > Decision-Making & Problem Solving
Publisher: Anita Telle, Author
Author: Anita Telle
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2.___Higgledy Piggledy
Sub Title: A Tale of Four Little Pigs
Category: Juvenile Fiction > Fairy Tales & Folklore > General
Publisher: AtlasBooks Distribution
Author: B. Seymour Rabinovitch with Rebecca S. Treger
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Category: Juvenile Fiction > General
Publisher: AuthorHouse UK
Author: E. Rutherford
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Tennis for Little Humans by Baron and Monkey with a Little Help from Venetia Thompson
4.___Tennis For Little Humans By Baron And Monkey With A Little Help From Venetia Thompson
Category: Sports & Recreation > General
Publisher: AuthorHouse UK
Author: Venetia Thompson
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The Barking Cat
5.___The Barking Cat
Category: Juvenile Fiction > General
Publisher: AuthorHouse UK
Author: Janet Killeen
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The Chasing Glance
6.___The Chasing Glance
Sub Title: The Expression Garden
Category: Poetry > General
Publisher: AuthorHouse UK
Author: M S Yousafzai
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Who's wearing the trousers?
7.___Who's Wearing The Trousers?
Category: Fiction > Humorous
Publisher: AuthorHouse UK
Author: Richard Sparkes
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8.___Climate Con?
Sub Title: History and Science of the Global Warming Scare
Category: Education > General
Publisher: AuthorHouse US
Author: William B. Innes
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Santa Claus All Year Long
9.___Santa Claus All Year Long
Sub Title: Magical Stories of Santa's Everyday Life, Volume 1
Category: Fiction > Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology
Publisher: Bear Canyon Press
Author: Andy Hogan
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10.___Christmas Dream
Sub Title: Adventures of Zebata
Category: Juvenile Fiction > Action & Adventure > Survival Stories
Publisher: BFG Productions
Author: Karen Barron Smith
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Displaying 1 to 10 of 79