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2014 Florida Library Association

Here, you can browse or search all of the Combined Book Exhibit participants in 2014 Florida Library Association. To view the complete details for the book and its publisher or author, simple click "Details." If you'd like to contact any of the publishers or authors directly, simple click the blue "Inquiry" button on the right hand side of the entry.

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The Muslim Book of Why
The Muslim Book Of Why
Sub Title: What Everyone Should Know about Islam
Category: Religion > History
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Warithudeen Umar
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A Time for Healing
A Time For Healing
Sub Title: Dysfunctional Families: How They Mismanage to Get That Way, and What We Can Do to Break the Cycle of Abuse
Category: Family & Relationships > General
Publisher: AuthorHouse US
Author: David E. Morgan, PhD
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Displaying 311 to 312 of 312