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2015 Beijing International Book Fair

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2.___Who Scooped My Bagel?
Sub Title: One Woman's Story of Love, Loss and Success
Category: Family & Relationships > Interpersonal Relations
Publisher: Advantage Media Group
Author: Mary Beall Adler
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Kung Fu Kitty: Laying Down the Law
1.___Kung Fu Kitty: Laying Down The Law
Category: Juvenile Fiction > General
Publisher: Abaton Book Company
Author: Lauri Bortz
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7th Son
6.___7th Son
Category: Fiction > General
Publisher: AuthorHouse UK
Author: Andrew Bain
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A Humanitarian Past
7.___A Humanitarian Past
Sub Title: Antiquity's Impact on Present Social Conditions
Category: Social Science > Anthropology > General
Publisher: AuthorHouse UK
Author: Adele Änggård
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3.___Nana's Shoes
Sub Title: A story of a family faith,hope and courage in time of ethnic cleansing
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit > Inspiration & Personal Growth
Publisher: Aisa Softic, Author
Author: Aisa Softic
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A New Chronology for Old Testament Times
8.___A New Chronology For Old Testament Times
Sub Title: With Solutions to Many Hitherto Unsolved Problems through the Use of Rare Texts
Category: Religion > Christian Theology > History
Publisher: AuthorHouse UK
Author: Jan van Tuyl
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4.___Christmas A Child Is Born
Category: Biography & Autobiography > Historical
Publisher: Alice Marchak
Author: Alice Marchak
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Sub Title: What makes a human human?
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit > Supernatural
Publisher: AuthorHouse UK
Author: Josephine deBois
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5.___Maggie Minds Her Business
Sub Title: From Serpent Cults to Secret Files, Maggie's on the trail of murder in the steamy African nation of Wahwa
Category: Fiction > Mystery & Detective > International Mystery & Crime
Publisher: Ann B. Sides, Createspace
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America Betrayed - Why 9/11 Occurred
11.___America Betrayed - Why 9/11 Occurred
Sub Title: Plus, a Wake-Up Call for the Future
Category: History > Military > General
Publisher: AuthorHouse UK
Author: Richard Harman
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Displaying 1 to 10 of 527