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2016 Guadalajara International Book Fair

Here, you can browse or search all of the Combined Book Exhibit participants in 2016 Guadalajara International Book Fair. To view the complete details for the book and its publisher or author, simple click "Details." If you'd like to contact any of the publishers or authors directly, simple click the blue "Inquiry" button on the right hand side of the entry.

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1.___The Loneliness Cure
Sub Title: Six Strategies for Finding Real Connections in Your Life
Category: Self-help > Communication & Social Skills
Publisher: Adams Media
Author: Kory Floyd, PhD
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2.___Para Usted (spanish Edition)
Category: Poetry > Women Authors
Publisher: Ana J. Garcia - Author
Author: Ana J. Garcia
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3.___Carlos Gardel-volver( Return)
Category: Biography & Autobiography > Entertainment & Performing Arts
Publisher: Artedelmundo
Author: Frederica Pratter
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20 Weeks Grade 0/R
4.___20 Weeks Grade 0/r
Sub Title: A Collection of Creative Activities, Developmental Play, Music, Movement Rhymes, Songs, and Stories for Grade 0/R
Category: Education > General
Publisher: AuthorHouse UK
Author: DR A J (Sjaan) BUCHEL
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Sub Title: Confessions of a Slut
Category: Fiction > Humorous
Publisher: AuthorHouse UK
Author: KatOë Prinsloo
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A Finger on the Light
6.___A Finger On The Light
Sub Title: Counterpoint to Richard Dawkins' atheism
Category: Religion > General
Publisher: AuthorHouse UK
Author: Gilles Charles Vuille
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A Fisher of Slaves
7.___A Fisher Of Slaves
Sub Title: 2nd Edition
Category: Fiction > General
Publisher: AuthorHouse UK
Author: Dick Parsons
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A Strange Boy
8.___A Strange Boy
Category: Fiction > Action & Adventure
Publisher: AuthorHouse UK
Author: John L. Jewell
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Absolute Abundance
9.___Absolute Abundance
Sub Title: Your Inspiration to Success
Category: Self-help > General
Publisher: AuthorHouse UK
Author: Clever Zulu
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Alpha Beta Zero to Zillion Word Codes for Numbers
10.___Alpha Beta Zero To Zillion Word Codes For Numbers
Category: Education > Teaching Methods & Materials > Mathematics
Publisher: AuthorHouse UK
Author: Dr Godwin Lekwuwa
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Displaying 1 to 10 of 659