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2019 Frankfurt International Book Fair

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Sub Title: Christianity's Reboot and the Advent of Western Civlization
Category: History > Civilization
Publisher: alan greczynski_Page Publishing
Author: alan j. greczynski
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The Unreasonable Silence Of The World
14.___The Unreasonable Silence Of The World
Sub Title: The Cognitive Revolution and its consequences
Category: Philosophy > Religious
Publisher: Alan V. Newton_Austin Macauley
Author: Alan V. Newton
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My Name Is Rose
15.___My Name Is Rose
Category: Fiction > Coming Of Age
Publisher: Alexa Kingaard_Author
Author: Alexa Kingaard
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A Soldier's Diary
16.___A Soldier's Diary
Category: Biography & Autobiography > Military
Publisher: Alfred DiGiacomo_Xlibris
Author: Alfred DiGiacomo
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Survival A Story Of Friendship
17.___Survival A Story Of Friendship
Category: History > Jewish
Publisher: Alice Weil_Austin Macauley
Author: Alice Weil
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The Glass Bulldog
18.___The Glass Bulldog
Category: Fiction > Historical
Publisher: Alison Huntingford_Austin Macauley
Author: Alison Huntingford
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Category: Fiction > Thrillers > Crime
Publisher: Alistair Gorthy_Austin Macauley
Author: Alistair Robin Gorthy
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20.___All Things Possible
Category: Family & Relationships > Emotions
Publisher: Alpha Books Solutions
Author: Ezilyn Sibanda
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Dancing To The Beat Of The Drum
21.___Dancing To The Beat Of The Drum
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit > Inspiration & Personal Growth
Publisher: Alpha Books Solutions
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22.___Ed - For Love And Hope
Category: Family & Relationships > Love & Romance
Publisher: Alpha Books Solutions
Author: Nardone Gruen , Marguerite
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Displaying 11 to 20 of 1038