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2019 London Book Fair New Title Showcase

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The Defender of Babylon
11.___The Defender Of Babylon
Category: Fiction > Science Fiction > Alien Contact
Publisher: Allen W. Pease_Page Publishing
Author: Allen W. Pease
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I Don't Hate Me Anymore
12.___I Don't Hate Me Anymore
Sub Title: 12 steps you never knew you needed
Category: Self-help > Abuse
Publisher: Allison Rose Clark_Austin Macauley
Author: Allison Rose Clark
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13.___The French Cashew Tree
Publisher: Allister Bain_AuthorHouse
Author: Allister Bain
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14.___Alpha Buddies Land
Category: Juvenile Fiction > School & Education
Publisher: Alpha Buddies Inc.
Author: Rink M. Donna
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God's Radiant Kiss
15.___God's Radiant Kiss
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit > Inspiration & Personal Growth
Publisher: Altivese Irvin_Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Author: Altivese Irvin
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16.___A New Beginning
Category: Fiction > Romance > Historical
Publisher: Alyss Morgan, Author
Author: Alyss Morgan - Litfire Publishing
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17.___Her Dream Restored
Category: Fiction > Romance > Adult
Publisher: Alyss Morgan, Author
Author: Alyss Morgan - Litfire Publishing
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Canadian Christian Ministry 2018
18.___Canadian Christian Ministry 2018
Sub Title: The Most Lukewarm Church in the Whole Western Nations
Category: Religion > Religion, Politics & State
Publisher: Andre Delage_Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Author: Andre Delage
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Life, a bit more?
19.___Life, A Bit More?
Category: Philosophy > Ethics & Moral Philosophy
Publisher: Andrew Elder_Christian Faith Publishing
Author: Andrew Elder
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The Laws of Time
20.___The Laws Of Time
Category: Fiction > Science Fiction > Time Travel
Publisher: Andrew J Pulliam_Page Publishing
Author: Andrew J Pulliam
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Displaying 11 to 20 of 841