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2019 New York Rights Fair

Here, you can browse or search all of the Combined Book Exhibit participants in 2019 New York Rights Fair. To view the complete details for the book and its publisher or author, simple click "Details." If you'd like to contact any of the publishers or authors directly, simple click the blue "Inquiry" button on the right hand side of the entry.

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The Early Years
171.___The Early Years
Sub Title: A Memoir
Category: Biography & Autobiography > Personal Memoirs
Publisher: Rachel G. Carrington_iUniverse
Author: Rachel G. Carrington
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172.___Skinny House
Sub Title: A Memoir of Family
Category: Biography & Autobiography > Cultural Heritage
Publisher: Skinny House Press
Author: Seely, Julie L
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Steward of the Harvest
173.___Steward Of The Harvest
Sub Title: Art and Poetry by Stephen J, Vattimo
Category: Art > Folk & Outsider Art
Publisher: Stephen John Vattimo_Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Author: Stephen J, Vattimo
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My Life: The Realest Story Ever Told
174.___My Life: The Realest Story Ever Told
Category: Biography & Autobiography > Religious
Publisher: Thomas D. Moore_Page Publishing
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175.___A Swift And Deadly Maelstrom
Sub Title: The Great Norwich Flood of 1963, A Survivors Story
Category: History > Historical Geography
Publisher: Thomas Moody_Xlibris
Author: Thomas
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Lost Brothers
176.___Lost Brothers
Sub Title: In Search of Us
Category: Fiction > Action & Adventure
Publisher: VICTOR C. SAMUEL_Austin Macauley
Author: Victor C. Samuel
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Sub Title: The Genetic War Series Book 1
Category: Fiction > Dystopian
Publisher: Kallie Grote_Page Publishing
Author: Kallie Grote
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Displaying 171 to 177 of 177