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2019 Sharjah International Book Fair

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Blue Scorpion - Last Flight of the Ancients
62.___Blue Scorpion - Last Flight Of The Ancients
Category: Fiction > General
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation-Australia
Author: Karen S Lee
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Loving the Amazon
63.___Loving The Amazon
Category: Fiction > Erotica
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation-Australia
Author: John Andrew Donix
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There Is Hope
64.___There Is Hope
Sub Title: Even in the Worst of Circumstances
Category: Fiction > Science Fiction > General
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation-Australia
Author: Victoria Rasmus
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Discover The Secrets And Power Of Business Credit
65.___Discover The Secrets And Power Of Business Credit
Category: Business & Economics > Banks & Banking
Publisher: Victor Allen_Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Author: Rev. Victor Allen
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Category: Fiction > Action & Adventure
Publisher: Austin Macauley
Author: McInerney, Ally
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67.___Pure Food Crusader Edwin Fremont Ladd, Chemist, 1859-1925
Sub Title: The Pure Food Crusade for Sanitation and Health of the Nation and Its People
Category: Science > General
Publisher: Dr. Culver S. Ladd_Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc
Author: Dr. Culver S. Ladd
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68.___Buffy The Butterfly
Category: Nature > General
Publisher: Ted Landkammer_Christian Faith Publishing Inc.
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70 Weeks Prophecy: How the Bible Foretold the Year Jesus(as) and Muhammad(saw) Will Come on Earth
70 Weeks Prophecy: How The Bible Foretold The Year Jesus(as) And Muhammad(saw) Will Come On Earth
Sub Title: Volume One: The Coming of Islam - the True Gospel of Jesus(as)
Category: Bibles > General
Publisher: PartridgeSingapore
Author: Pedro C. Arceno, Jr
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Displaying 61 to 68 of 68