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2020 Public Library Association

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Desperate Conspiracy
1.___Desperate Conspiracy
Category: History > Caribbean & West Indies > General
Publisher: Alastair B. Davie_Austin Macauley
Author: Alastair B. Davie
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Look What Happened While I Was Sleeping
2.___Look What Happened While I Was Sleeping
Category: Education > Elementary
Publisher: Alycyn Culbertson_Austin Macauley
Author: Alycyn Culbertson
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3.___Defeat Of The Wicked Iniquitous
Sub Title: An Inspired Epic Thesis and Political-Economic Thriller
Category: Fiction > Political
Publisher: Amazon-KDP
Author: William Curtis Woolf
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My Book Of Seasons
4.___My Book Of Seasons
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction > Readers > Beginner
Publisher: Amy Loescher_Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Author: Amy Loescher
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The Untold Story Of A Young Girl During Ww2
5.___The Untold Story Of A Young Girl During Ww2
Sub Title: A Memoir
Category: Biography & Autobiography > Personal Memoirs
Publisher: Anna Pasternak_Page Publishing
Author: Anna Pasternak
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Ivory Tower
6.___Ivory Tower
Publisher: Atmosphere Press
Author: Grant Matthew Jenkins
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A Reader-Friendly Biography of William Shakespeare
7.___A Reader-friendly Biography Of William Shakespeare
Sub Title: Meet the Man Behind the Scenes!
Category: Biography & Autobiography > Personal Memoirs
Publisher: AuthorHouse UK
Author: Miranda M. Howarth M.A.
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Blades of Grass
8.___Blades Of Grass
Sub Title: The Story of George Aylwin Hogg
Category: Biography & Autobiography > Historical
Publisher: AuthorHouse UK
Author: Mark Aylwin Thomas
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Is God Incompetent?
9.___Is God Incompetent?
Sub Title: A Study of Meaning in Natural Calamity, Disaster and Disease
Category: Religion > Spirituality
Publisher: AuthorHouse UK
Author: Geoffrey E L Bennett
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Mouse and the Flood
10.___Mouse And The Flood
Category: Juvenile Fiction > General
Publisher: AuthorHouse UK
Author: Marion Heffernan
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Displaying 1 to 10 of 383