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2021 Frankfurt International Book Fair

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Category: History > Jewish
Publisher: Alice Weil_Austin Macauley
Author: Alice Weil
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Am I a Turkey?
12.___Am I a Turkey?
Category: Family & Relationships > Family Relationships
Publisher: Ann Pavliska/ Carmen Jewell_Dorrance Publishing
Author: Carmen Jewell
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How Long the Night
13.___How Long the Night
Category: Self-help > Death, Grief, Bereavement
Publisher: Author Anthony McMaryion_Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Author: Anthony McMaryion
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A Unique Life at Sea
14.___A Unique Life at Sea
Sub Title: -
Category: Biography & Autobiography > General
Publisher: AuthorHouse UK
Author: Captain Peter Skog
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Event in the Marshes
15.___Event in the Marshes
Sub Title: And Other Stories
Category: Fiction > Short Stories (single Author)
Publisher: AuthorHouse UK
Author: AsA Lateef
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A Day with Aj
16.___A Day with Aj
Sub Title: First day of school
Category: Fiction > General
Publisher: AuthorHouse US
Author: Mabel Reyes
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Because Fear Whispered
17.___Because Fear Whispered
Sub Title: A book based on life stories of how we think and act apart from God's will when fear is in control of our lives, unbeknown to us.
Category: Religion > Christian Life > Inspirational
Publisher: AuthorHouse US
Author: Vanessa Williams
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Inner Butterflies
18.___Inner Butterflies
Category: Poetry > General
Publisher: AuthorHouse US
Author: Nicolette L. Toth
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The Sin Which Doth Easily Beset Us
19.___The Sin Which Doth Easily Beset Us
Sub Title: My Personal Autobiography
Category: Biography & Autobiography > General
Publisher: AuthorHouse US
Author: Michael Wright
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Category: Fiction > Romance > Gay
Publisher: Balboa Press
Author: Mondoux, Suzanne
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Displaying 11 to 20 of 452