Books exhibited at 2022 Beijing International Book Fair

2022 Beijing International Book Fair

Here, you can browse or search all of the Combined Book Exhibit participants in 2022 Beijing International Book Fair. To view the complete details for the book and its publisher or author, simple click "Details." If you'd like to contact any of the publishers or authors directly, simple click the blue "Inquiry" button on the right hand side of the entry.

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Pamela's Journey
4.___Pamela's Journey
Category: Family & Relationships > Love & Romance
Publisher: Aneatra Stirgus_Page Publishing
Author: Aneatra Stirgus
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All Men Are Created Equal
6.___All Men Are Created Equal
Category: Fiction > Action & Adventure
Author: Eralides E. Cabrera
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Arlen's Gun
7.___Arlen's Gun
Sub Title: A Novel of Men at War
Category: Fiction > War & Military
Author: Edgar Doleman
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Children of a Northern Kingdom
8.___Children of a Northern Kingdom
Sub Title: A Story of the Strangite Mormons in Wisconsin and on Beaver Island, Michigan
Category: History > General
Author: Elaine Stienon
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Sub Title: A Slaves to Fate Novel
Category: Fiction > Fantasy > General
Author: J. M. Bloodworth
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Category: Fiction > General
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Fictionally Nonfiction
11.___Fictionally Nonfiction
Sub Title: The Life I'd Never Admit Was Nonfiction
Category: Biography & Autobiography > Personal Memoirs
Author: Wynn Thành Phi
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Helping You Through A Loss
12.___Helping You Through A Loss
Sub Title: How to help share your feelings
Category: Self-help > Death, Grief, Bereavement
Author: Cindy Moynes
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Moonlight Monsters
13.___Moonlight Monsters
Category: Juvenile Fiction > Monsters
Author: Heather Millard
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My Memoirs of the Dark Shadows Conventions
14.___My Memoirs of the Dark Shadows Conventions
Sub Title: From August 1993 - June 2016
Category: Biography & Autobiography > General
Author: Anthony Taylor
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Displaying 1 to 10 of 260