A Children's Guide to Arctic Butterflies

A Children's Guide To Arctic Butterflies
A Children's Guide to Arctic Butterflies
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Mia Pelletier
Danny Christopher
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There are 20,000 species of butterflies in the world, but only several dozen are found on the tundra of the North American Arctic.
Many Arctic animals have warm, woolly coats, downy feathers, or thick layers of blubber, and Arctic butterflies appear fragile with their fluttering, delicate wings. Yet the hardy butterflies that live at the top of the world have many clever ways to keep themselves warm in cool summers and endure icy-cold winters. In A Children's Guide to Arctic Butterflies, young readers learn about twelve of the butterflies that call the Arctic home and how they survive on the tundra from one season to the next. With a simple layout and easy-to-follow headings for each butterfly, this beautiful book is filled with fun, useful facts, including introductory material about the life cycle and anatomy of butterflies and how they begin life as caterpillars. you may even spot a familiar fluttering friend. While some of the butterflies found in A Children's Guide to Arctic Butterflies are among the most northern of butterfly species, many can also be found south of the Arctic and in high, cold places around the world.

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