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An Overdue Discussion

Two takes on the library-fine debate

Whether to charge fines for overdue materials is a hot-button topic. The issues are many: Some libraries have halted the practice, citing concerns that fines keep patrons away, while other libraries have kept them in place as vital revenue streams...
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Library Systems Report 2018

New technologies enable an expanded vision of library services

Technologies that focus on supporting traditional library services no longer meet the needs of libraries that wish to strengthen their involvement in new service areas.
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Featured Titles

Adventures Of Little Yaga And Her Friends

Little Yaga, a dweller of the Enchanted Forest, hates to look like a human! Adventures begin when she helps Ashley, a human girl lured to The Forest by its evil ruler Scraggard the Immortal, escape.
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Sonya Dor

There are no limits to what you can dream! Let Sonya Dor take you along for a limitless adventure to explore her wild and crazy potential in a picture book for all ages.
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Skyward Bound: Hot-air Ballooning

Moonbeam Silver Medalist/Children's Non-Fiction Pictorial- "Opens the skies to children and adults..empowering them to live more gently on our planet as ambassadors of the environment
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Bircher-benner 10, Manual For Patients With Rheumatism And Arthritis

Manual for patients with rheumatism and Arthritis:
This handbook is based on the knowledge and experience acquired over decades at the world-famous Bircher-Benner Clinic, today's Bircher-Benner Medical Centre, a cutting-edge medical healing centre. It is aimed at giving you, as a patient, all the information necessary to help you on the path to recovery and to prevent a recurrence of your illness.
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Bircher-benner Manual 2 For Patients With Liver And Gallbladder Conditions
Manual for patients with liver and gallbladder conditions
This manual is based on the knowledge and decades of experience of a medical center of state-of-the-art healing, the globally renowned Bircher-Benner-Klinik now called the Centre for Scientific Natural Medicine Bircher-Benner. This manual is a great help for patients in that it supports their active contribution to the healing and prevention of disease.
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The Pathway To Dragons

Children's Fantasy Chapter Book - Written by a child author, The Portal to Pyranis begins the adventures of Billy, Maura and Roy, in the fantastic world of Pyranis. Includes illustrations.
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Maria Sibylla Merian

Science and art combine in this lushly illustrated young adult biography of Maria Sibylla Merian, one of the world’s first entomologists, who was also a botanist, naturalist, and celebrated artist.
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This young adult graphic biography follows the life of one of Mexico’s greatest living photographers, Graciela Iturbide, as she makes her way from Mexico City to Los Angeles and beyond.
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Prayer Thoughts

Prayer Thoughts were originally written for the Church's newsletter. They were written to encourage the members to use scriptures to expand their prayer language.
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Trail Of Pebbles: No Time To Cry

This is the story of the merciless conduct of humans against millions of individuals during their separations, confinement in Gulags, prison camps, filthy hospitals and prolonged rail and truck travel.

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The Journey Of A Shepherd's Wife

Virginia Stokes has been a pastor's wife for over 45 years. Through heartwarming personal testimony, she opens up about the churches in which her husband has served and the devastating reality of moving on when God called them to a new church. It's hard to raise children under the watchful eyes of an entire congregation. It's difficult to minister to your enemies in the face of harsh criticism. But on The Journey of a Shepherd's Wife, Virginia is able to find her place in the church and a way to use her talents for God--the only one we should desire to please.

Regain Your Balance: At Work, With Family, In Life

This book answers the challenge of finding, preserving, and enhancing a healthy and sustainable balance between one’s work and one’s personal life with the field-tested insights of a consulting psychologist and executive coach. Mark Sirkin, PhD, distilling the results of three decades of interactions with people in diverse circumstances and stages in their careers, presents them in this guide.


Psychic Kate Jeffers works with a bouncer, a lady with a disreputable past, and the Atlanta police department to solve a current kidnapping as well as a thirteen-year-old cold case

The Physician Of The Future Dr. Med. Max Bircher-benner

This book by the ingenuous physician and pioneer of a scientifically based natural medicine is still highly relevant today. In his clinic, he has treated thousands of people from around the world to heal their chronic ailments considered incurable. It demonstrates the biographical path from a well-trained physician to a “new physician” who in everyday practice has recognized a totally new holistic view of a person, their biology and their soul. This is an ingenious point of view which leads the way out of the trap in which our medical world and health system find themselves today.

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