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A Conversation with Author Cindy Mediavilla

Homework-help expert discusses her new book

Cindy Mediavilla spent 18 years as a public librarian and managed the Friendly Stop, a homework center for Orange (Calif.) Public Library, in the early 1990s. She has been studying after-school homework programs ever since. Her book Creating and Managing the Full-Service Homework Center (ALA Editions, 2018) was excerpted in the July/August issue of American Libraries. She spoke with AL about the book, its inspiration, and her upcoming projects.
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Agent Danielle Smith’s Former Clients Speak Out


The children’s book publishing world has been roiling for the past week over the disclosure that Danielle Smith, the principal of Lupine Grove Creative, an agency specializing in children’s and YA authors, acted more like a literary grifter than a literary agent. Since Smith emailed a letter to her clients on July 24, confessing that recently she had “not handled a situation as well as I should have” and thus was dissolving the agency effective immediately, 19 former clients have reached out to PW, sharing tales of a pattern of malfeasance that has shaken their confidence and adversely affected their careers.
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Featured Titles

The Dinosaur Kid

A 13 year old boy finds a chest filled with magical amulets of dinosaurs. When holding one, he can become whatever dinosaur the statue represents. He performs deeds as a t.rex and other dinosaurs.
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The Miracle Of America

An unprecedented study/academic text/ref of America's philosophical origins and relation to the Bible, how America's founding principles and values are rooted in Bible-based or Judeo-Christian thought
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Don't Look At Me


A diligent hand carved this hole in my face.

It stole my confidence, my identity, and ended my short-lived career as a broadcast journalist. 

I am now unemployed. Alone. Ugly. 

And expected to get over it and move on. 

Go on living life as usual—as if the world doesn’t judge the grotesquely unattractive.


It’s been three years since I was kicked out of the Army for nearly killing the opposition’s militia commander with my bare hands.

I am now unemployed. Alone. Angry. 

And expected to forget the nightmares that hold me hostage and move on.

Go on living life as usual—as if the world doesn’t judge a dishonorably discharged ex-soldier.

You'll love this reverse Beauty and the Beast tale, because isn't it about time the pretty boy falls in love with the ugly girl?
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