CBE May Library Newsletter: Misinformation transcends platforms, languages and countries. How can fact-checkers stop it?
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Misinformation transcends platforms, languages and countries. How can fact-checkers stop it?
Since January, Poynter has been keeping track of how some of the top fact checks from around the world perform on Facebook compared to the hoaxes they debunk. Overall, it hasn’t been a pretty picture — misinformation regularly gets more likes, shares and comments than fact checks.

And the problem is deeper than Facebook.
Book Selection is Not a Politician’s Job

Two state lawmakers in New Jersey are “encouraging school districts to remove The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn from the school curriculum” because of the book’s repeated use of the n-word and its roots in racist perspectives and history. Politico published the drafted non-binding concurrent resolution, and local press coverage reiterates that the resolution still leaves decisions about book selection up to each individual school district.
What Student Employees Have Taught Me

As a new librarian, and as someone who is new to working at a university, there’s a lot to learn. I’ve learned about some of the university’s history and how it affects day-to-day operations, the degree programs and course offerings, different colleges on campus, how each college has their own rules regarding faculty promotion and tenure, and the ebb and flow of different semester schedules. Then, there’s the current environment and culture of the campus. Much of what I’ve learned comes from faculty and staff who have been on campus for decades, and for that I’m grateful. 
The Comeback of the Century
Why the book endures, even in an era of disposable digital culture.

Not long ago I found myself inside the hushed and high-vaulted interior of a nursing home for geriatric books, in the forgotten city of St.-Omer, France. Running my white-gloved hands over the pages of a thousand-year-old manuscript, I was amazed at the still-bright colors applied long ago in a chilly medieval scriptorium. Would anything written today still be around to touch in another millennium?

Smart Sarah And The Magic Of Science

Smart Sarah learns about the Magic of Science through her curiosity for color by discovering the color-filled world around her by way of rainbows, cupcakes, the pigment of her skin and more.

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Perceptive Pj And The Making Of A Mathlete

Perceptive PJ wants to be like his athletic family members . He wants to compete and win but not in a sport. He wants to be a Math-Athlete. So he gets their advice and uses it for the Math Olympics.

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The Adventures Of Pete The Fire Engine

The Adventures of Pete the Fire Engine is a story that we all will most likely experience in our lives.
Pete was the protector of a community, but the community outgrew his abilities. Pete could no longer do the job.
Pete was then sold to a small town, whose needs he could meet, and was once again the protector and loved.
The purpose of the story is to show that although the circumstances may change in our lives, we can still be valuable and make a difference.

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Manual For Patients With Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease And Other Neurodegenerative Diseases

Bircher-Benner Manual for Patients:
gives patients insight into the scientific Basis and causes of their disease, provides valuable instructions for dietetics, care, physical applications and recipes.

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Manual For Prevention Of Dementia And Alzheimer's Disease

This manual is a great help for patients in that it supports their active contribution to the healing and prevention of disease. Insight into the scientific basis of their disease, dietetics, care...

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Prayer Thoughts

Prayer Thoughts were originally written for the Church's newsletter. They were written to encourage the members to use scriptures to expand their prayer language.

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More Prayer Thoughts II:

Consider the lilies, daisies, and grasses of the fields, they neither toil nor labor. Also, consider the birds that fly, your Heavenly Father provides for all of these. How much more will He provide.

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Farmer's Son, Military Career

The book is done, it is published and now it is ready for you to read and enjoy my story. I am happy to share my experience growing up on the plains of South Dakota...

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Ocean Depths: A Life Book Three

Callista Ann is living in another time, long ago in Triton's past. Each day brings new adventure and conflict, she becoming more entangled with Triton and his family of mermen and mermaids. How she handles what she discovers about Triton and herself where nothing is as it seems, is beyond anything she could have imagined

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Heaven's Angels

I am a 94 year old retired chiropractic physician describing a lifetime of angelic encounters up to, and including my old age. My encounters range over a period of 75 years.

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Skinny House

This family saga is a granddaughter’s story about the grandfather she never met and the famous ten-foot-wide, three story house he built in Mamaroneck, NY.

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