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Defense And Deception
Defense and Deception
Confuse and Frustrate the Hackers
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Kevin Cardwell
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Newman Springs Publishing 320 Broad Street, Red Bank ,
New Jersey - 07701

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The reason I decided to write this book is to show that we have to rethink how we look at security. We continue to use the same methods and the threat continues to evolve and bypass it, so we need to understand we need a paradigm shift and this book is to help you with this shift. The book takes you from the essential and fundamentals of defense required to protect our modern networks to the advanced concepts of segmentation and isolation to mitigate the risk, then we introduce you to the methods of deploying deception decoys on the network. With this book, you will learn how to flip the model. For years, we have listened to the statement "the attackers are at the advantage, because they only have to find one way in and we cannot secure every way in." This is true, but with the concepts covered in this book you can flip the model and turn the advantage to the defender, and as a result, you take control of your network! One packet is all we need to identify when they are within our network! We can control the path and route that the attackers pursue and simulate and present a replication of the required data within the sement while moving the real data to a safe location.

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