Games Of Destiny

Games Of Destiny
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Drama > Women Authors
Batista, Sarima
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Trade Paperback

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Sarima Batista

Sarima Batista, Author 430 Flagami Blvd, Miami , Florida - 33144
Phone: 305-281-3771
Email: [email protected]

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Mikhail heard her footsteps and turned to stare as she approached. Gi was the spitting image of her mother. When he snatched the girl from Gina years ago, he had planned to abandon her in some orphanage so Gina could never find her, but he could not do that. At first, he tried to raise her as his daughter, teaching her everything he knew. He wanted her to be like him, but over time, the beauty of the young girl became overwhelming. He had never stopped loving Gina, and when Gi became a woman, he lost control completely and ended up making her his own. She was his property. She belonged to him and nobody else.

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