In Tune with Myself-Divine Intervention

 In Tune With Myself-Divine Intervention
In Tune with Myself-Divine Intervention
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Biography & Autobiography > Religious
Tiffiny Ratcliff
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In Tune with Myself: Divine Intervention is about a small-time country girl who had come from a town in Louisiana called Winnsboro and endured many things coming from a place to where I was told that I was nothing. Whether those events that happened to me was intentional or unintentional to destroy me, I don't know. All I know is that life happened and life continued happening to the point to where I had to come to grips with who I was, what happened to me in my life, and where I was headed if I was going to make it in this life. I had to some kind of way get in tune with myself.

Being raised as having a parent as a Southern Devout Baptist minister who was very strict and having the other who was rarely at home, I learned to wear a mask and hide who I was in order to deal with what was happening within me and around me, which caused me to make some really poor choices in life that could have cost me my life. I was on an emotional roller coaster, and I needed help. Had I known who I was, or had I have been emotionally stable, I truly feel that I may have made better choices in my life. I had to learn how to identify with myself and take the mask off.

So by me growing up in the church and learning about a man named Jesus and how he loves us so much, I went back to those teachings so that I could stop making a mess out of my life. So this is what I mean by a divine intervention. I needed help, and I reached out to what I believed was my source for help along with counseling. I remember as a child that there is one who cares if no one else cares. So I went back to my roots with prayer and faith, trusting and hoping for a change to come within me, in which it most certainly did. I have indeed come a long way, but I still have ways to go.

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