Leo's Moon

Leo's Moon
Leo's Moon
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Education > Preschool & Kindergarten
Cinthia Del Grosso
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Cinthia Del Grosso

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Book Description

Leo is a small boy who wants to make the moon happy again by cleaning up the earth.
Leo reminds us that we can all "do our little bit" to make our earth healthy again, for future generations.


Book Review and Awards

Adorable! A wonderful story that reminds us how a 'big idea' can influence many people to work together and make our world a better place.

Post Review
Name: Hannah Age 9
Review title: Leo's Moon
Review: In Leo's Moon, it gives people great ideas on how to keep our world clean. I think its wonderful to clean up the earth, that way we can see all its beauty.
Name: Hua Hin Age 9
Review title: Leo's Moon
Review: It is a lovely and heart warming story!
Name: Manon
Review title: Leo's Moon
Review: I love how Leo truly understands how people are treating the Earth and if we all do something little to help the world will be a better & safer place for us all