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2019 London Book Fair New Title Showcase

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1.___Protected By Muslims During World War Ii
Category: Biography & Autobiography > Historical
Publisher: A. Robert Neurath, PhD
Author: A. Robert Neurath
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The Christian Way
2.___The Christian Way
Sub Title: Christian is not a title - It's a way of life
Category: Religion > Christian Life > Spiritual Growth
Publisher: Abraham Inetianbor_Christian Faith Publishing
Author: Abraham Inetianbor
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3.___The Wanderer And The New West
Category: Fiction > Science Fiction > General
Publisher: Adam Bender_Author
Author: Adam Bender
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The Promise
4.___The Promise
Category: Fiction > Christian > Fantasy
Publisher: Adrian Rose_Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Author: Adrian Rose
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5.___Gloria's Dreams
Category: Juvenile Fiction > Social Issues > Emotions & Feelings
Publisher: Adriana Pernetz_Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Author: Adriana Pernetz
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Once in a Forest
6.___Once In A Forest
Sub Title: A Parable
Category: Family & Relationships > Friendship
Publisher: Adriana Pernetz_Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Author: Adriana Pernetz
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What goes around comes around
7.___What Goes Around Comes Around
Category: Fiction > Romance > Contemporary
Publisher: Alan Hick_Austin Macauley
Author: Alan Hick
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The Revelatons and Warnings of Jesus to His Church
8.___The Revelatons And Warnings Of Jesus To His Church
Category: Religion > Biblical Studies > Prophecy
Publisher: Albert Heaney_Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Author: Albert Heaney
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Category: Fiction > Thrillers > Crime
Publisher: Alistair Gorthy_Austin Macauley
Author: Alistair Robin Gorthy
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ROPHE A Study of Medicine in the Bible
10.___Rophe A Study Of Medicine In The Bible
Category: Medical > History
Publisher: Allan G Cougle_Christian Faith Publishing
Author: Allan G Cougle, M.D.
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Displaying 1 to 10 of 841