THE Combined Book Exhibit (CBE) is one of the most widely recognized and highly respected names in the publishing community. For 90 years, CBE has been marketing and showcasing published works at national and international book fairs and expos, becoming a dependable resource for the authors and publishers it serves. CBE is not a distributor or retailer of books. Our service helps authors and publishers gain exposure and discoverability to large book buying audiences.
CBE is showcased at most high-volume and highly active national and international book fairs including library conferences in the U.S, international book fairs and consumer book fairs. CBE attends the largest book fairs in the U.S, as well as major international venues in London, Frankfurt, Italy, United Arab Emirates, and China See our SHOW SCHEDULE for a detailed and complete list of shows.
CBE displays books of almost every subject, genre, or classification, from children’s to YA to academic. CBE will display books from large, small, or independent publishers as well as self-published authors.
Most book fairs are arranged alphabetically by publisher or author name..
CBE creates both a print and online exhibit catalog for each show it attends. Each catalog includes full Publisher details and contact information. CBE also has a comprehensive database on its website with publisher contact information for each book it handles for an entire year.
Most of the book shows CBE attends are professional shows which means librarians, booksellers, distributors, educators, agents and film production companies attend these shows. No direct sales are initiated at these shows but rather the attendees are there to collect information on books and other media they are interested in purchasing. These professionals then place their orders in bulk through distributors like Ingram and Baker & Taylor to maximize their discounts. Distributors order directly from the publishers. We take photos of all the books on display. If you are interested in receiving a photo of your book, please make that request to [email protected]. Due to the number of books on display, we cannot report on how an individual book was received at teh show. Rather, we can report on the number of attendees registered at the show and a general report on the activity in the CBE booth.
No, there is no direct selling of books at these shows. CBE shows are a means to promote your book for discoverability. All the title and company information you supplied when you registered will be included in our print exhibit catalog which is handed out free of charge at the show. In addition, your information will also be available on our online catalog which is searchable by author, title and subject. The online catalog is live for a period of two years.
When you allow CBE to display your book, you get the help of over 90 years of seniority, experience and reputation bringing attention to your books. CBE also handles the cost of freight, labor, travel and show expenses, making what could be a several thousand dollar venture for you (per show!), into a single affordable manageable fee.
CBE shows are professional business to business shows. Professionals include librarians, booksellers, distributors, teachers, publishers, agents and others working within the publishing industry. Because on-site sales are not generated at CBE professional shows, attendees will collect information on the titles that are interested in buying. Once back at their respective companies or institutions, they will consolidate their orders and place them through distributors like Ingram, Baker & Taylor and others. The lead time in placing orders can be anywhere from a week to upwards of a year depending on their budget cycle.
You can contact the CBE staff for more information on quantity discounts.
Yes, we do display ebooks. Click here to see our ebook display. We show our ebooks on large monitors in the booth. The author or their publisher is required to upload a pdf of the book showing a small sampling of the pages (25% of the total number of pages in the book from the beginning). Our system converts your pdf or epub file into a secure, non-printable, non-copyable file on our website. Once uploaded we delete your pdf or epub from our system..
Yes you can and at no charge. Simply upload the pdf during registration and indicate how much of the book you would like to be seen. We recommend all authors and publishers do this.
Aside from displaying your work at shows, which includes inclusion in the show catalog, your title and company information will also be included on the CBE online database for a period of two years. This online catalog is fully searchable by title, author, subject, and publisher and is utilized, free of charge, by librarians, educators and trade professionals. You may also reserve a full-page ad in one of the CBE’s catalogs at nominal rates. Full Page Ad should be emailed to [email protected]. The add size should be 8 ½” x 11” saved as a pdf file.

Yes you can, however, CBE has instituted a policy that are stated in our terms and conditions. If you plan on attending, CBE does not provide entrance badges to the show. You will need to register on the shows main website and pay their prevailing rates. Below is what an author can do, and what they cannot do if they attend a show.

  1. If an author, publisher, marketing company or authorized representative of the titles on display attends a CBE show, the following is what we will allow at our booths during official exhibit days and hours:
    1. Taking pictures of your title on the shelf.
    2. Taking pictures with family members and friends with your title.
    3. Leave promotional material on our table in the booth for attendee’s to pick up for certain shows.
  2. If an author, publisher, marketing company or authorized representative of the titles on display attends a CBE show, the following is what we will not allow at our booths during official exhibit days and hours:
    1. Handing out promotional materials in our booth.
    2. Holding meetings in the display area.
    3. Staying in the display area for extended periods of time for any reason.
Click the “REGISTER” page of the CBE home page. Create a profile with login and password. Select the shows you want to enter along with the titles you would like to showcase. After completion of your registration, you will be directed to a confirmation page with deadline and shipping information to send your display copy(s). You will also receive a confirmation email with the same information.
We require one copy of the book for each show you enter.

The Combined Book Exhibit Name of show(s) or Acronyms of shows 277 White Street Buchanan, NY 10511

We recommend shipping your book with a carrier that supplies a tracking number like UPS or Fedex.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at 914-739-7500 or email: [email protected].